The teachers you choose to hire at your learning center are vital in ensuring the success of your franchise. It’s important to acknowledge the difference between good and great teachers, because each can contribute to your business differently. For instance, good teachers are hard working, but may not be able to connect with students, while great teachers inspire their pupils to be the best they can be. Give the students at your facility an incredible academic experience, by hiring only the finest teachers in the industry.

You might be asking yourself, what qualities or characteristics should I be looking for when hiring new staff? We’ve compiled a list of three important traits that all great teachers share to help you make an informed decision.

1. They Must Love Their Subject

Superb teachers have a great love for the subject they teach. This love becomes infectious and positively influences their students to become more interested and curious about the topic.

When a teacher enjoys explaining different lessons pertaining to their subject, pupils become engaged in the lesson and pay more attention. There’s nothing worse than a boring teacher, whose lessons are unimaginative and dull. With passionate educators, students not only get an engaging lesson but a wealth of knowledge and a desire to learn more about the subject matter.

This is evident not only in the time spent during classroom discussions, but in the types of questions they ask on quizzes and exams. Questions are never superficial, but instead go deeper into the subject matter to trigger more critical thought. Great teachers encourage students to broaden their horizons beyond the given concepts, expanding their young minds.

According to a study, great teachers can help students improve their test scores in math and reading by as much as 8%. Students’ success is the goal that both you and your teachers are trying to attain, so why not hire the best of the best to ensure a positive academic experience!

2. They Are Ruled by a Strong Work Ethic

Great teachers have an extremely strong work ethic. They are committed to doing everything they can to ensure that their lessons are engaging and that their students succeed.

Teaching is a very difficult profession which can require hours of preparation and the use of several different strategies to effectively convey the subject matter to students. Great teachers will never shy away from a challenge and will do everything in their power to make sure that their students’ succeed.

Great teachers dedicate their free time to coming up with various tactics to create engaging lessons, helping students who have difficulty in class, and grading and writing constructive comments on students’ work.

With such an unwavering commitment to their profession, students are bound to succeed.

3. They Have Heart

Lastly, great teachers have heart. They are friendly and incredibly encouraging towards their students, which leads to an ability to build strong relationships.

The atmosphere created in the classroom must be safe and positive, where students feel welcomed and comfortable. Great teachers can create such spaces, making each student feel valued and cared for. Some students are often shy to ask questions in front of the class, but with a great teacher, this hesitation should melt away, as all questions are important.

Not only should students feel valued, but they should also be inspired with the help of their teacher. When great teachers have the ability to ignite this spark within their students, pupils will strive to do the best that they can and push themselves to their maximum potential. Not only will this boost their confidence, but it will shape them into the best version of themselves.

Choose Inspiration Learning Center

Inspiration Learning Center is a private school which consists of fourteen branches around Canada. With a history of students going to the most successful universities in Canada, we are committed to helping our students have a bright future.

All teachers at Inspiration Learning Center are carefully selected to ensure our students are getting a positive learning experience. No matter the subject, our team of educators is knowledgeable about their chosen field and innovative when it comes to conveying information.

This award-winning franchise wants nothing more than to see your child succeed! For more information visit or call us 905-415-8257.