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Inspiration Private School has been contributing to the success and development of students since our establishment. Our commitment is to provide an environment of integrated learning, living and personal development and assist each student to realize their learning potential so that he or she will be able to achieve their ultimate educational goals. Inspiration Private School has become not only one of the reputed private schools in Canada, but also a place for nurturing and producing international talents.

Our Manifesto

Our objective is to provide a unique experience through our courses for each student to reach individual achievement at our school. Our caring and academically passionate teachers help students reach their goals and achieve good grades with time-proven, hands-on teaching methods. At Inspiration Private School, teachers instruct your children with a specialized methodology that is suited specifically to them. Our aim is to motivate and inspire every single student, regardless of their perceived strengths or weaknesses, to reach their academic potential in a fun learning environment.

Our Features

- Qualified, experienced and dedicated staff
- Small classes within an enriched, caring and secure environment
- Class  sizes vary from one-on-one up to a group up 4
- Integrated care with personalized and enriched programs
- Independent Study Program
- Management with over 20 years of excellent experience with international education
- 100% Acceptance into University

Fully inspected and accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education



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Our Mission:

Inspiration Private School provides personalized learning plans to students in an environment of integrated learning and personal development. We assist each student in realizing their academic and personal potential so that he or she will be able to achieve their ultimate dreams. We are not only one of the reputed private schools in Canada, but also a place for nuturing and producing international talents.

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