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OUAC University Application

With a new year comes new deadlines and on January 15 was the last day for Ontario students to apply to universities. At our school, we offer the service to students in which we help them with their applications and as the deadline was fast approaching we were all working hard to make sure their applications were ready to submit on time. On January 23, all Ontario universities will receive student applications through OUAC. Good luck to all our students who applied! 

How to Recognize Great Teachers For Your Learning Facility

The teachers you choose to hire at your learning center are vital in ensuring the success of your franchise. It’s important to acknowledge the difference between good and great teachers, because each can contribute to your business differently. For instance, good teachers are hard working, but may not be able to connect with students, while great teachers inspire their pupils to be the best they can be. Give the students at your facility an incredible academic experience, by hiring only the finest teachers in the industry.

You might be asking yourself, what qualities or characteristics should I be looking for when hiring new staff? We’ve compiled a list of three important traits that all great teachers share to help you make an informed decision.

1. They Must Love Their Subject

Superb teachers have a great love for the subject they teach. This love becomes infectious and positively influences their students to become more interested and curious about the topic.

When a teacher enjoys explaining different lessons pertaining to their subject, pupils become engaged in the lesson and pay more attention. There’s nothing worse than a boring teacher, whose lessons are unimaginative and dull. With passionate educators, students not only get an engaging lesson but a wealth of knowledge and a desire to learn more about the subject matter.

This is evident not only in the time spent during classroom discussions, but in the types of questions they ask on quizzes and exams. Questions are never superficial, but instead go deeper into the subject matter to trigger more critical thought. Great teachers encourage students to broaden their horizons beyond the given concepts, expanding their young minds.

According to a study, great teachers can help students improve their test scores in math and reading by as much as 8%. Students’ success is the goal that both you and your teachers are trying to attain, so why not hire the best of the best to ensure a positive academic experience!

2. They Are Ruled by a Strong Work Ethic

Great teachers have an extremely strong work ethic. They are committed to doing everything they can to ensure that their lessons are engaging and that their students succeed.

Teaching is a very difficult profession which can require hours of preparation and the use of several different strategies to effectively convey the subject matter to students. Great teachers will never shy away from a challenge and will do everything in their power to make sure that their students’ succeed.

Great teachers dedicate their free time to coming up with various tactics to create engaging lessons, helping students who have difficulty in class, and grading and writing constructive comments on students’ work.

With such an unwavering commitment to their profession, students are bound to succeed.

3. They Have Heart

Lastly, great teachers have heart. They are friendly and incredibly encouraging towards their students, which leads to an ability to build strong relationships.

The atmosphere created in the classroom must be safe and positive, where students feel welcomed and comfortable. Great teachers can create such spaces, making each student feel valued and cared for. Some students are often shy to ask questions in front of the class, but with a great teacher, this hesitation should melt away, as all questions are important.

Not only should students feel valued, but they should also be inspired with the help of their teacher. When great teachers have the ability to ignite this spark within their students, pupils will strive to do the best that they can and push themselves to their maximum potential. Not only will this boost their confidence, but it will shape them into the best version of themselves.

Choose Inspiration Learning Center

Inspiration Learning Center is a private school which consists of fourteen branches around Canada. With a history of students going to the most successful universities in Canada, we are committed to helping our students have a bright future.

All teachers at Inspiration Learning Center are carefully selected to ensure our students are getting a positive learning experience. No matter the subject, our team of educators is knowledgeable about their chosen field and innovative when it comes to conveying information.

This award-winning franchise wants nothing more than to see your child succeed! For more information visit www.inspirationlearningcenter.ca or call us 905-415-8257.





3 Ways High School Students Can Stay Ahead This Summer

It’s finally summer and your children deserve a break! They have been studying all year long and have earned this time off. It’s vital to give their brains a chance to decompress after so many months of studying. Not only will this help them fully recharge, but they will come back fresh for a new academic year.

That being said, it is important for students to keep their minds active during the summer months. Encourage them to use their free time to get ahead for the following school year. With our three tips, your children will be ready to tackle any academic hurdle that may come their way!

1. Make Time to Read

Our first tip for high school students to stay ahead this summer is to read. This has myriad benefits as it will keep pupils’ brains engaged and prepare them for what’s to come.

A love for reading must be cultivated when children are small, as reading for pleasure can provide so many advantages. According to research, reading can broaden vocabulary, enhance writing and grammar skills, and develop a person’s general knowledge, among many other things! In the long run, this will help students academically, as research has found that students who read for enjoyment do better at school. In 2002, studies found that a love for reading is more important for a student’s academic success than their family’s financial status.

Research has also shown that the 21st century is the most important time for students to have strong literacy skills, as they venture into the real world. The ability to read well will help them when it comes to completing tasks at their place of employment and dealing with the wealth of information they are exposed to in the digital space.

Encourage your children to read several books this summer so they can enhance their skills for not only the next academic year, but the future!

2. Start Prepping for Exams

Another useful tip is to start preparing for upcoming exams. Standardized tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL are important exams which every high school student must take. Taking advantage of the time during the summer to prepare, will help them in more ways than one.

First, students will get the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the content on the exam. The more they get to know the different sections of the test and the best ways to approach each, the less anxious they will be when it comes time to doing the actual assessment.

Motivate your children to pick up a practice book or find a tutor to get started! After learning the strategies needed to ace the exam and completing several practice tests, they will feel more confident about their skills and abilities.

3. Take Classes to Strengthen Weaknesses

Our final tip for students is to take classes to strengthen their knowledge in any subjects they may be struggling with. If they are having trouble with math or science, maybe it would be wise to take some one on one tutoring sessions so they can be fully prepared for the next academic year.

Students should make sure that they are up to date with all the information needed to enter the next academic year. If they feel that they have some weak areas they need to work on, research facilities in your local community and find tutoring centers who are able to cater to your child’s needs. Allow them to use this time to practice and enhance skills so their current weaknesses will no longer be a problem for the following year.

Choose Inspiration Learning Center

Inspiration Learning Center is a private school which would be able to help students enhance their skills during not only the summer, but all year round! With the help of our experienced teachers, your child’s difficulties will no longer be an issue. We offer classes in a variety of subjects from math and English, to computer science and history.

Discover more about Inspiration Learning Center by visiting any one our 14 locations across Canada or contact us at 905-415-8257 to register today!





The Upside to Personalisation

In our current educational system, students can get lost in the sea of larger class sizes. Due to the fact that teachers have so many students in one room to focus on, some can get left behind feeling like they are not truly benefiting from the lesson. Because of this, many students have opted for one-on-one classes to fully take advantage of their learning experience.

Allow your child to take control of their academic journey and reach their highest potential. They deserve personalisation and attention in a one-on-one setting. Never considered this as an option? Keep reading to discover the top three benefits of personalisation!

1.Tailored Lessons

One-on-one classes are beneficial to your child’s progress, as all lessons are tailored to their abilities. Teachers can modify lessons according to their needs in more ways than one!

By having one student, educators can adjust the lesson plan to their student’s particular learning style. For example, if the child learns best visually, the teacher can use this knowledge to communicate the objectives of the lessons with more videos and diagrams.

Students can also set the pace in one-on-one classrooms. Both the pupil and teacher can take their time to reach their set learning objectives in a way that is most comfortable for the student. Instead of having to abide by a formal school timetable, learners will feel less pressure and will be more relaxed.

2. Undivided Attention

Young learners will also gain the teacher’s full attention. With no other students to focus on, your child can truly benefit from every lesson.

In some school settings, classroom management can be a real issue. As teachers try to teach the lesson, valuable time can be lost to quiet the class or discipline a student. In a one-on-one setting this obstacle disappears since every moment of the class goes directly to the learner. The student can ask as many questions as they want and will never leave the classroom feeling like their needs are not being met.

Teachers can also give the student feedback at every step of their learning journey. In traditional classrooms, students don’t always know what they need to work on and how they can improve. With a private teacher, your child will receive daily comments and suggestions of ways to advance. In such a setting, students will have the all the tools necessary to succeed.

3. Safer Environment

Only in a safe and stimulating environment, can students thrive and evolve. One-on-one classes create that sense of comfort for students to improve their level of confidence and reach their highest potential.

Most students are afraid to raise their hands in class or voice their opinions, for fear of judgement from their peers. These fears melt away in a private setting, building the students’ self esteem. In such positive spaces, students will be less afraid to make mistakes and more willing to speak their mind. Soon, you’ll start to notice their personalities flourish as their confidence grows more and more.

Register at Inspiration Learning Center

Inspiration Learning Center is a private school which can offer your child all the benefits of one-on-one learning. Our facility provides a warm and stimulating environment for students to thrive and excel on their academic journey. A variety of different classes are taught by teachers who are highly qualified and skilled in their areas of expertise. Whatever your academic needs may be, we can be sure to satisfy them!

Discover more about Inspiration Learning Center by visiting any one our 14 locations across Canada or contact us at 905-415-8257 to register today!





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