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High School Diplomas

High school diplomas are available to students so successfully complete 30 credits (18 Compulsory and 12 Optional), 40 hours of community involvement, as well as successful completion of literacy requirement.
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Personalized Learning

Inspiration Learning provides students with programs that are uniquely tailored and balanced to each student’s needs. From students who are looking for a more challenging environment, to students who are pre-professional and require flexibility in their schedules, to students seeking a fresh start and the promise of success.
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Educational Path Planning

Our thoughtful, balanced approach helps students focus on their personal goals and professional objectives, and allow them to develop competitive applications and personal statements that highlight their individual strengths.
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Inspiration Private School Rocks!

Our private schools offer professional educational services from highly skilled and dedicated teachers.

  1. Infused Learning Methods
    East meets west teaching methodologies ensure students understand and retain information learned in class.
  2. Learner-Centered Education
    Student centered learning aims to develop independence and imparting them with skills and basis on how to learn effectively.
  3. Custom Learning Plans
    Inspiration Learning takes into consideration the student’s strengths and weaknesses to provide the best long terms goals of the student.
  4. Small or Private Classes
    Small classes ensure our students get the attention they need in order to succeed.
  5. Summer & Accelerated Classes
    We give our students the opportunity to enhance their education with intensive high school courses with an array of subjects.


  • Frank H. Student - Inspiration Private School

    “Inspiration has helped me not only improve my marks but also my study habits. The close-knit classrooms with one on one attention from my teachers have really made it hard for me to slack off in school. I have even gotten a scholarship for Queens University where I will be studying Engineering. I don’t think if I would have ever gotten this far if not for Inspiration”

  • Leon K.'s Mother Anne Parent of Student

    “Leon Transferred out of pubic school to Ontario Academy due to his need for a special education program. The teachers at Inspiration have taken all of Leon’s accommodations into consideration. Inspiration Learning has really made it easy for Leon to want to go to school everyday. His attitude towards education has drastically changed since coming here.”

  • Jasper L. Student - Inspiration Private School

    “The Teachers at Inspiration Learning have helped me improve my homework and study habits. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff and other students are really supportive. I have made many new friends and created a lot of great memories. My teachers and friends have helped me become more confident. Coming to Inspiration Learning has made me excited for my future.”

  • Basic Plan

  • $ 2,500
    • Middle School & High School Course Selection Plan
    • Arranging Tutoring Services
    • Accompany Parents to Parent-Teacher Nights
    • Communication with School Regarding the Student's Needs
    • Academic Competitions, Events & Opportunities
    • Introduction Session on the Canadian Education System
    • Recommended Reading List for Students & Parents
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  • Standard Plan

  • $ 6,000
    • Same as basic plus much more!
    • Access to our Resources for Finding a Mentor
    • Standardized Test Registration
    • Free Passes to Seminars & Workshops on Education
    • Recommended Reading List for Students & Parents
    • Monthly Group Discussions for Books on our Recommended Reading List
    • Community Managers
    • Monthly Progress Reports
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  • VIP Plan

  • $ 15,000
    • Same as the Standard Plan plus much more!
    • Study Habits Assessment
    • Career Pathways Assessment
    • Monthly In-person Meetings with Parents & Student
    • Professional Training in Study & Time Management Strategies
    • Extracurricular, Volunteer & Leadership Activities Recommendations
    • Help with Finding a Mentor
    • Monitoring Student Progress in School Through Online Systems
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Our Mission:

Inspiration Private School has been contributing to the success and development of students since our establishment. Our commitment is to provide an environment of integrated learning, living and personal development. To assist each student in realize their learning potential so that he or she will be able to achieve their ultimate educational goals. Inspiratoin Private School has become not only one of the reputed private schools in Canada, but also a place for nurturing and producing international talents.

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