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Our History and Teaching Philosophy

Inspiration Private School prepares students for college, university, and future careers in the global community, and promotes lifelong learning through our unique combination of Eastern and Western educational practices.

Inspiration Private school was founded and added to the concept in 2010 led by the academic experienced management team of Inspiration Learning Center. Angel Kuang established our East-meets-West teaching philosophy in a visionary effort to rethink the learning process and make it more effective. She believes that understanding class material in conjunction with constant review of previous material is essential to student success within academia.

We at Inspiration understand that the transformation of the classroom into the ‘real world’ requires not only physical resources such as textbooks, exercise books, visual media and an ongoing emphasis on incorporating technology into the classroom via computer and other devices. It also requires very important abstract resources such as imagination, vision, and passion. These are all encouraged under the attentive supervision of our nurturing staff. We believe that, together, these components are essential for a student’s learning and development.

Our private school and their curriculum, like the world, must evolve in order to ensure they remain at the forefront of private education. We are committed to remaining current by upgrading our own knowledge and preparing our students to participate fully and effectively in today’s society.


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Our Mission:

Inspiration Private School provides personalized learning plans to students in an environment of integrated learning and personal development. We assist each student in realizing their academic and personal potential so that he or she will be able to achieve their ultimate dreams. We are not only one of the reputed private schools in Canada, but also a place for nuturing and producing international talents.

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