Inspiration Learning is a fully accredited educational institution providing private education. We offer part time, full time, summer school as well as private and semi-private classes at all our locations.
Foundational Preparation (Grade 9-10)
Your child’s secondary education starts with Inspiration Learning in our Foundational Preparation program, in which experienced and enthusiastic advisers build on the foundations of a student’s academic success.
Foundational skills are basic skills that need to be taught and developed first and foremost. These skills are the basis that hold the student’s learning ability together. Success in building a strong foundation allows for students to do well when they advanced to our post-secondary preparatory program in which they are challenged further.
Post Secondary Preparation Program (Grade 11-12)
A student’s journey with Inspiration is finished off with the Post-Secondary Preparation Program in grades 11-12. Preparing for post-secondary education, there is increased focus on developing options, interpreting information, independent learning and active participation in small-group settings.
Experienced guidance counselors will also work with students to prepare them for post-secondary education and beyond. Guidance counselors give students advice on which universities or colleges would be right for them, types of programs they can choose to study as well as aid with the application process and scholarship selection. Academic, personal and vocational goals are discussed and taken into consideration when counselors assist students with post-secondary options.
Repeat Courses
Inspiration Learning offers students an opportunity to repeat any high school course with a teacher in a private setting. Repeat courses may be taken during Night School or as a part of Inspiration Learning’s Part Time Studies.
Night School/ Part Time Studies
Inspiration part time students have the benefit of being able to stay with their home-school while taking advantage of the small class sizes with personalized teaching. This gives students the opportunity to excel in core courses while reaching their academic goals in other subjects.
Post Secondary Consulting
Inspiration Learning students finish their secondary school careers as strongly as they start them. We have a perfect, 100% acceptance rate to post-secondary facilities, usually receiving several offers. Naturally we are proud of this achievement, but we are just as proud of our well designed post-secondary consulting program – with our dedicated staff who guide families and students through the admissions process and help them achieve their post secondary goals.
Through the program, students are guided to research and identify ‘right-fit’ universities or colleges, write good university essays, resumes, as well as complete applications. Inspiration Learning staff help students prepare for standardized tests by learning test-taking strategies, practice tests and requesting appropriate accommodations if needed. Post-Secondary advisors also help students assess the support they will need in university or college, arrange university visits, meet deadlines and complete university or college applications.