At Inspiration Learning, we welcome students from all countries. Our teachers, counselors and consultants understand the needs of our international students and know they often require help adjusting to life in a new country. Our staff speak a variety of languages and are always willing to offer friendly guidance on academic and personal issues. Each student is assigned an educational consultant who will speak the student’s native language and communicate with their parents regularly to update the student’s progress.
An Inclusive learning environment
Inspiration Learning takes great pride in providing students with a learning environment that in inclusive, as well as teachers and support staff that that can engage with students on both an academic an personal level. Many students have a wide variety of educational needs. Therefore, having a large toolbox of instructional strategies can help us better serve every student in our school.
Small Classes, Individual attention
Our international students receive individual attention from teachers and are always engaged with an average class size of fewer than eight students. Our international students are offered a unique experience as they are fully immersed with Canadian students. They have a wonderful opportunity to improve their language skills and make new Canadian friends.
Customized Classes
Inspiration Learning tailors programs to the individual student. Considering each international student’s unique learning style, we customize a plan to the individual that allows each international student to reach their full potential. Our unique learning environment in one of the key pillars of our success. Our classrooms encourage students to be engaged in their education. It allows students to excel in not only the classroom, but beyond as well.