Thank you for considering Inspiration Learning Private school. Here you will find the application form along with the information on the registration fee that must accompany the application. If you would like to visit the school or want more information, please contact us using our contact form or email us at
Ontario Academy accepts applications to the programs offered all year round. However, international students are advised to apply as early as possible since obtaining a student visa at the nearest Canadian Embassy or Canadian Consulate in their home country may take a long time.
Follow this link to fill out the application form.
Admissions Process
(1) Learn about Inspiration Learning
Congratulations on already completing the first step! We hope that through your information gathering process you will see why Inspiration is the best choice for you. From our website, you will also learn about our educational history, philosophies and more. When you are ready to find out more about Inspiration, we are more than happy to meet with you in person.
(2) Inquire about what we can offer
We feel that the best way to answer questions is face to face. All our Inspiration Private School locations have admissions advisors that can discuss any concerns or questions you would have regarding what types of courses your child may need.
If you are unable to go to an Inspiration location in person, you can call our admissions advisors at (905) 415-8257 or email . They will be able to answer all your questions and schedule an interview with the head of the school at your chosen location.
(3) Schedule and attend an interview
When you are ready to enroll your student, the next step is an admissions interview with an advisor at the location of your choice with your child.
This interview is an opportunity for the advisor to understand the student’s academic needs, interests and goals. To schedule an interview please call the specific location you would like to attend or email us at You are advised to bring the following documentation for your interview

  1. Student transcript containing the most recent academic information within the last school year. If one is not available, please bring the student’s most recent transcript
  2. IEP (Individual Education Plan) if your child has one

(4) Registration and payment
After your admissions interview, you will be asked to fill out all the necessary paperwork required for registration at Inspiration Learning. Submitting your registration form starts the process of scheduling a start date as well as course selection.
(5) Course selection
The final step in the admissions process is for the student to meet with the guidance head at their location to complete course selection for the upcoming academic semester. You can schedule additional meetings after this point to discuss changes in your education path, or academic advising advice. Inspiration Learning is flexible and will do what it takes to help students reach their academic goals.
When we have received your application package, it will be reviewed by the Admissions Office. If you are accepted, you will be issued a Conditional Offer Letter with payment details. Upon receipt of the full payment, the Admissions Office will issue a Letter of Acceptance for obtaining a visa. With these documents, you can apply for a study permit at the Canadian Embassy or High Commission. Our representative in China can assist you with the application if required. Once you have received your visa, please inform the school immediately.
We offer a variety of programs and fee structures. Please contact our admission office at 905-415-8257 for more information.
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